Magic the Gathering Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

Bring you decks to Crown Heights’s MAGIC THE GATHERING spot!

We will be hosting our first Prerelease sealed box tournament for the new year.
Starting at 3pm on Friday we will be launching pods of 8 as soon as we get the players. 
In each pod if you win the tournament you get a premium and promo pack which contain rare cards!
2nd place wins 2 promo packs 
3rd gets 1 promo pack. 
This event bright ticket is good for a sealed prerelease box at a discount (Normal retail is $30)
Every tournament from 3pm will be seated at first come first serve
Inexperienced players will be given a crash course before the tournament starts so show up at least an hour early.
Tournament participation is not mandatory. 

Each box contains

6 Theros Beyond Death Booster Packs
1 Randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, drawn from rares or mythic rares
1 Spindown Life Counter
During this weekend, you will have the opportunity to buy a Booster Box for 129.60 and receive with it Arthreos and NYX Land.
No holds for booster boxes. 


Normally admission is 3 packs which allows you to participate in a draft (optional).
Bring some food, meet some other players, and play!
Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry! Our staff is able to help you and you’ll learn it in less than an hour!

We are drafting Theros: Beyond Death!

After the Draft, stop by for Commander EDH!


Jan 17 2020 - Jan 19 2020


All Day

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Anyone Comics
1216 Union St. Brooklyn NY
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