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Introducing Game Nights at Anyone Comics

We Have Gaming! For those who have visited this week, you may have noticed we have Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. A game devised from Kazuki Takahashi’s manga series as a tribute to Trading Card Games, Yu-Gi-Oh! ended up dominating the field it was paying homage to, by selling inarguably the most card packs worldwide! Rise of the Dragons. Currently at the store, Anyone Comics has Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck, which allows games straight out of the box or you can begin to customize. We also have: Battle Royal Boosters for 99 cents The Raging Tempest Special Edition box for $9.99 The Raging Tempest box is also available online. Dungeons & Dragons Game Night. Our inaugural Dungeons & Dragons game night will... Read More

Indie Thursday with Dimitrios Zaharakis

Want tips on how to get your comic published? Anyone Comics welcomes Dimitrios Zaharakis, creator of I.T.: Secret World of Modern Banking on March 9 at 5pm. He'll be offering free goodies, signing copies and doing a Q&A about navigating through independent publishing. Anyone Comics March 9 at 5pm 1216 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11225 Don't forget that our studio space is open for rent. Read More