You guys want horror comics! We got them



Do you want to get in the mood for Halloween? No? Then you can ignore the rest of this e-mail probably.

For the rest of you, here is a small list of Horror themed books we have!

Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston  introduced archetypal superheroes that are stuck in a Lovecraftian existential nightmare of a farm. There’s no escape in this new comic universe known as Black Hammer!

Spin offs include Doctor Star and Kingdom of Lost TomorrowsSherlock FrankensteinThe Quantum Age and the upcoming Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy!

If you want us to help you get into them, e-mail us and say “Get off your ass and get me Black Hammer!

Outer Darkness is Peter’s recommendation.An Image book from the creator of critical darling Chew, Outer Darkness introduces the idea of mixing religious horrors with Star trek-like science fiction.

Peter says that there is a scene that “very vividly reminded him that the human body contains meat.” I’m sure if you are reading the issues you know what he’s talking about. As for the rest of you, Vol 2 will be out in mid-December. Your response is: “Hey D, Order it for me!

Written By Joe Hill, a man who changed his name so he wouldn’t be known as the son of Stephen King, Locke and Key tells the story of a family who moves into an old home that has mysterious keys that grant access to mysterious realms and abilities. As the family unlocks more and more secrets in Lovecraft Massachusetts, they are inadvertently pursued by an murderous entity.

Joe Hill’s success with this story has garnered him an entire line of horror comics with DC called Hilhouse. Next week we will get Basket Full of Heads #1 Your response “Give me that new Joe Hill!

Here’s the thing. Some of your kids want to read scary books. That doesn’t mean give them Crossed by Garth Ennis to teach them a lesson. There are scary stories out there that are made for them, and no one is better at drawing gross monsters in an untraumatizing way then Eric Powell creator of the Goon! His book Spookhouse from Albatross press is perfect for that. You say: “My kid wants that!


One of my favorite zombie survival stories, stars an unconventional character, a comic artist who has a gun license (something that’s extremely hard to get in Japan). Nothing is sacred In I Am A Hero when you have zombie babies jumping on people’s faces.

Hurry up and check out the series, before Netflix brings us a terrible adaptation!

You can’t mention the horror genre in comics without mentioning Junji Ito. He perfected horror comics by creating a haunting atmosphere in all his books. He takes the mundane like hair, or a spiral, or skin pores and creates images that haunt you even after you close the book.

Books by Junji Ito include GyoUzumakiTomei, and Shiver. He even has an interpretation of Frankenstein. The book pictured is the next Ito book but unfortunately, it won’t be out until December. It’s a biography mixed with fantastic grotesque elements. You say “I want to reserve it!

We have TONS and TONS of other horror book; it seems to be the genre preferred by artists these days.
Throughout the week until October 31st we have free books for Trick or treaters courtesy of Halloween Comicsfest, the same people who bring us Free Comic Book Day. So stop by (preferably in costume) and take some