We made it through to the Labor Day sale; 20% off purchase!

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. Traditionally, Labor Day is the day of the West Indian Day Parade which goes through Eastern Parkway. Although, there won’t be a parade, I have no doubt that the streets of Crown Heights will be blaring with music and smelling of barbeque.
This year, not only is the parade cancelled but it also coincides with our Sept 7th halfiversary/ birthday sale, where I refuse to celebrate my aging and pass on discounts to you, so someone can enjoy that day, even if it’s not me!
Because the threat of Covid-19 still exists, we are limiting people who can be in the store to 5 at a time and only to attendees who wear masks. 
It’s good you are all wearing masks, Ninjak. But we’re still only letting 5 people in at a time
Certainly, we don’t want people to feel like they are putting themselves in danger, so if you do not wish to come in that day, we encourage you to use the coupon code below and we can either deliver the books to you, you can pick them up, or we can bicycle them to you on Thursday.
Visit our website www.anyonecomics.com and clicking on shop will take you to https://stores.comichub.com/anyonecomics/ . At the check out, use code givememydiscountnerds
The next step for us is to start coordinating and scheduling more events.
On Sept 12 at 3pm we are doing our outdoors Comicswap.
The following Friday the 18th at 2pm, we will attempt our first outdoor Magic Prerelease Tournament with the new Zendikar Rising set.

We are working on getting RPGs, Drink N Draw and Art Classes over zoom, but it’s a lot to do. 

We are also working to create a separate page for independent local comics, something that is a highlight for our store. We wanted to showcase them and give indie creators the options of distributing through us. Lately, we connected with other stores around the country, and I’m hoping to use those bonds to get our fantastic Brooklyn based artists a wider audience. 
As usual, contact us by calling us at 347-350-8422
Email us at info@anyonecomics.com
Or just drop in!
I miss how things were, but like some of the best comics ever made, we need to move forward and build on what came before, both good and bad, otherwise we’ll be like some of the worst comics ever made, repetitive, empty, an echo of what we stood for to our early supporters (yes, whatever comic you’re thinking of is probably correct) . -Dimitrios

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P.S.S. In case you skipped to the bottom – coupon code for discounts is givememydiscountnerds. Access our website by heading to www.anyonecomics.com and clicking on shop. It’ll take you to https://stores.comichub.com/anyonecomics/ where you can use your discount code. Good only on Sept 7th!

Author: Dimitrios

Dimitrios is the store handler for Anyone Comics. He is the author of Millennials: You Are Special, Greasers in Greece, and Frankenstein vs Dracula: Throughout The Ages. He is the architect of his own destruction.