We are doing well. How are you?

I haven’t written one of these in a while because we’ve been so busy. Our business was growing and then, like a Coen brothers movie, something was introduced that changed everything.
I want you all to know that the store will be fine. We appreciate all of your concerns and all the outreach. It was more than I expected and heart warming. It’s reassurance that we’ve been doing everything correctly at the store and that we will all get through this.

There are already many options for small businesses including grants and loans that we are looking into, and there will be more soon. So again, don’t worry about us!

With all that said, let me break down our plans and tell you how you all fit into this.
As always  with our store, communication is key. Knowing what you want to do even if it’s to suspend your account helps, since we can redirect money going to your orders elsewhere.
If you need to cancel or suspend your account e-mail us here.

Going forward, we will keep our store open and are incorporating much more cleaning into our routine. We are only allowing the store to be occupied by 5 people for shopping at a time, and capping our events at 10 people as per the CDC’s recommendation.

Our recommendation for people who live outside of Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, Prospect Lefferts Garden, Brownsville, and Grand Army Plaza is to switch to shipping for your subscriptions. E-mail us your address and how frequently you want your books (weekly, monthly) .
For those of you who have admired us from afar, now is certainly a good time to sign up for a subscription. In your case, please throw in your phone number and the single issues title, graphic novels or manga you want to subscribe to as well.

For those of you who live in Crown HeightsBedford StuyvesantProspect Lefferts GardensBrownsville, and Grand Army Plaza, and don’t want to leave your home, we are working out the logistics of delivering books like Seamless to your door. If it works we can bring your books as well as others to browse through and pick from. If you are interested in this, again email us your address and how frequently you would like your books.

Some of you have offered to pay for the books over the phone and have us hold onto your books or bring them to the street. Both are fine with us, but you’ll have to call between Friday and Monday. This is because our credit card provider is limiting access for security reasons, and those are the days I work.

Lastly, I want to let you all know that we are working to get our system onto something called Comichub. If it all works according to plan you will all have access to your books and our inventory through an app that Comichub provides. Meanwhile you all can see the new releases at https://anyonecomics.com/new-releases/

I know we are losing some of the social element that makes the store appealing, and I want to let you know that if you are bored or lonely, give us a call at (343)350-8422, shoot us an email, troll us on twitter! We will reply, you are all important to us!

As of now we are all healthy, we are all being careful, but we have plans and support if that changes. This is how we are choosing to live our lives, and we want to help you to choose how you live yours. I want to leave you with one last note. We all read Image’s The Walking Dead Bu Kirkman and Allred 10 years ago, and we all stopped reading it shortly after they killed our favorite character Glenn. But what you don’t know (and Serge reminded me) is that the bleakest comic series ever ended last year with a message of hope.
Rick Grimes tells us “The world has scarred us mentally and physically. We carry those scars with us each and every day. They serve as a reminder of what we’ve lived through- what we’ve done to survive- what others have done to us to survive…We do not live minute to minute, in minutes stolen from the dead…We can be happy… we can be content…we can have peace. We can live again!

-Dimitrios Fragiskatos
Anyone Comics Store Handler

Author: Dimitrios

Dimitrios is the store handler for Anyone Comics. He is the author of Millennials: You Are Special, Greasers in Greece, and Frankenstein vs Dracula: Throughout The Ages. He is the architect of his own destruction.