Pride Month Events!

Happy Pride Month Everyone!

At the core of Anyone Comics’s ethos is representation and self expression. We not only try to carry the books that reflects the myriad of interests and personalities of Brooklyn, but we encourage people to create those books if they see the industry is lacking it!

With that in mind in terms of product and representation, I think the LGBTQIA+ community has never been more visible than it is in art right now. This isn’t to say that there isn’t progress left to make, nor that we should ignore the heinous crimes being committed as we speak. This is to say that there are a lot of people who worked hard to see themselves in comics, who wanted to not be fearful of who they are, and wanted others who shared their experience to know one thing: ‘You are not alone.”

Last year, the late, great John Jennison made the Brooklyn Pride Comic Book Fair, an outdoor comic fair that spotlights queer indie comic creators. He did it for numerous reasons, but the main one was that, in a year with few in-person events and a time where people needed connection the most, he wanted to offer that and prove you can do it in a safe way.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Stalter

This year we are hosting it again on June 18th from 12-6pm! There are a lot of Pride related events happening in NYC this year, so the need for a venue isn’t the same, but we had a great time last year, so let’s see if we can recreate the magic!

Returning from last year’s event are Greg Anderson ElyseeRachel CholstFweve DesignsLara AntalLiam DonnellyBill Roundy with an appearance by Patron Saint of Brooklyn comic stores, Vita Ayala (New Mutants, Static Season 1)!

Tabling for their first Pride Comic Book Fair are Constellation ComicsJames DillenbeckSami KerwinKevin Alvir, and T2T Wrestling Academy, which will talk about their queer friendly wrestling program!

Our guest of honor is the creator of Vagrant Queen, Kim& Kim and so much more Magdalene Visaggio

Following the fair is the (Un)Masked Ball, an after party at our neighboring bar and supporter, Branch OFC. We have reserved their outdoor patio for an amazing show with host, Megami and dancers DHoops and Glitty Starlet. Branch OFC will also be providing us unique cocktails for the event the Super Queero (Vodka, 7up, grenadine) and Secret Identity ( vermouth, campari an whd whisky with an orange twist)

random drinks pictured, not the ones we are getting.

The Pride Comic Book Fair is free, but we encourage you to get tickets to the (Un)masked Ball early as we are limiting capacity for safety reasons!

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The Fair isn’t the only Pride month related event we are hosting on Thursday June 9th we are doing our monthly Drink N’ Draw with Drag Queen Precious Envy!

Our Drink N Draws have been super successful this year, and we are excited to offer a variety of models, last month was wrestlers, this month are Drag Queens, what’s next? A person who wears a suit and is holding a briefcase?

Drink N Draw Tickets!

We also want to shout out Everyone Comics & Books in Long Island City in Queens (easiest point to get to in Queens) is hosting a signing with Danny Lore and Ivan Cohen tomorrow, June 8th at 6pm for the new DC Pride anthology and new title Multiversity: Teen Justice #1. Teen Justice is noteworthy for featuring DC Comics first Non-Binary character Jesse Chambers aka Kid Flash. The title itself focuses on Earth-11 a DC Multiverse world where characters’ genders are switched from Earth- Prime’s. Teen Justice itself is that world’s Young Justice or Teen Titans.

Now for the regular events:

We are hosting Magic the Gathering Draft Tournaments on Fridays at 6pm with promo pack prizes. Promo packs have high value cards and foils. As far as we know, we are the only store that does this in Brooklyn. On Saturdays we are hosting Commander at noon. The newest set Battle at Baldur’s Gate, lends itself to commander play.

Kid’s Art Class is every Sundays, and we are looking to get the first anthology from our first students printed ASAP. Classes are drop-in and we have some amazing talented students coming by. Hopefully, the next generation of comic artists if we can make the work more lucrative!

We are also planning on returning RPGs at National Free RPG Day, if we can figure out what that entails! Free RPG Day is June 25th. More info to come

As usual, email us at with any questions or request or call us at 347-350-8422, or drop by and yell at us! Here’s a graphic and link to Ray’s Art Class, Art by the man himself @radiatorsavior

Kid’s Art Class tickets!

Author: Dimitrios

Dimitrios is the store handler for Anyone Comics. He is the author of Millennials: You Are Special, Greasers in Greece, and Frankenstein vs Dracula: Throughout The Ages. He is the architect of his own destruction.