Indie Comics Submissions

    *Cost to Anyone Comics will be 50%, e-mail with any questions

    You are submitting to have your book carried in the Anyone Comics store and listed on our website. By submitting your book through this form you are agreeing to a 50/50 consignment, paid for upon sale of books. If books do not sell within a 2 month period, you may be contacted to collect them.

    Anyone Comics will not be responsible for products if representative of party fails to respond to repeated outreach.

    There are no restrictions in resubmitting your products through our store, your items can be collected at any time.

    After submitting this form, you will get an e-mail response from Anyone Comics with the quantity desired for the store. If you have any questions, or issues with the terms, reach out to or call us at 347-350-8422

    If you would like Anyone Comics to be responsible for Distribution of your product check the box below, and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Distribution of your book will have an additional cost.