Host Your Own Event

Anyone Comics isn’t just a comic book store. It’s a comics HUB. In addition to selling books, we have an event space where we host Dungeons & Dragons, Drink N’ Draw, book clubs, art festivals, etc.

We don’t use the space all the time and members of the community have taken advantage of that by hosting their own events. We’ve had comedy shows, art galleries, birthday parties, and even a wedding (just to name a few!). Whatever the occasion, we’ve had a lot of people turn this place into something uniquely personal and special.

Our rate is a flexible $150 per day which can vary depending on what your needs may be. For example, arranging for one of our talented freelance artists to be a teacher at a kid’s party would logically be an additional cost.

If you have any ideas for events, or have a private one you would like to host, give us a call at (347) 350-8422 or e-mail us and find out if the space works for you.

In addition to the event space, we also offer standard work spaces to freelancers for either $30 a day, or $350 a month.