History of the Anyone World Part 2

Many of you who follow us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook may be up to date on our milestones, but indulge us as we continue to summarize the events of a year where the laws of time don’t actually feel like they apply.

In July, we celebrated the worldwide distribution of the Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community by hosting a fair for artists featured in the book!

We also debuted our weekly Board Game demos, where we had regular, David Hill, organize some games, and people could try them out before they make their purchase.

We weren’t at NYCC but we were at a hotel near the Javits Center practicing social distance, and selling to its patrons. One of us got to meet a comic writer named Mikey Way, who is doing Electric Century for Z2 Comics

Mikey Way from MY Chemical Romance with Dimitrios. Aynsley says "stopppp"

We hosted a signing for Sci-Fi writer N. K. Jemisin for her book, Far Sector.

We got new artwork for our walls, hired a couple of new employees including Thanddnes, formerly from the local high school Medgar Evers.

Which brings us to today and the plans for 2022.

Esoteric from Czarface was supposed to do a signing for his book, before the Corona virus spike. We are waiting for a reschedule, and will keep you posted.

Saga is getting relaunched tomorrow. It’s been on hiatus since 2019. We are doing a launch party at midnight.

For those who came in to comics in the last couple of years, Saga is a science fiction epic with genuinely mature content. Not just sex and violence, but rather a thoughtful look at relationships, politics and war. It’s the book I talk about the least, and sell the most, because it sells itself.

We are bringing back Magic the Gathering this week, and hoping to restore boardgames and RPG’s soon. Meanwhile you can sign up for Discord, set up by Leo from New York Society of Play.

Lastly, a big announcement. Everyone Comics, a sister store to Anyone Comics will be opening in Long Island City on March 12. For the customers who have stayed in touch with us throughout the pandemic, here is possibly a new convenient location for you to shop at!

I believe this is the right move, not only in establishing what is hopefully a safe space for more people, but to give us leverage and extend the lifespan of Anyone Comics itself, in the current awful New York real estate market.

I don’t know if we can recreate the magic of Anyone Comics, because what made it work was the people who live and shop here. Long Island City is an altogether different demographic, and the space itself is not laid out the same way (no separate event space for example).

But it is because of the support we received from you, our longtime followers and customers, that I am prepared to risk it all again, entrusting Peter and Aynsley in Crown Heights to shepherd the space here.

The address for Everyone Comics and Books is going to be 41-26 27 Street Long Island City, NY 11101

The social media handles are @everyonecomics on IG or twitter

Meanwhile you can still follow us @anyonecomics and email us with any questions at info@anyonecomics.com

Let us know if you want to move your account to Everyone Comics and you may be able to pick up your books in February and get an early peek at the store!

See you soon!

-Dimitrios and the staff at Anyone Comics

Author: Dimitrios

Dimitrios is the store handler for Anyone Comics. He is the author of Millennials: You Are Special, Greasers in Greece, and Frankenstein vs Dracula: Throughout The Ages. He is the architect of his own destruction.