History of the Anyone World Part 1

Hey everyone,

We have been sending emails primarily through our new software, Comichub, to subscribers who have new books coming in.

I’m sorry for not following up on Mailchimp, but I only have energy for so much. So if you are interested I’ll give you a quick summary of what happened this year in comics.

In January, DC Comics had a shift in it’s company’s direction both staff-wise and in product. They launched Future State books. There was a new Brazilian Wonder Woman. Lucious Fox’s son became the next Batman, the first non-binary character debuted as the Future State Flash.

Yana Flor is the new Wonder Woman. Image by Joelle Jones

In February, we had the debut of John Jenning’s Megascope Imprint which offered books like Across the Tracks and After the Rain by Nnedi Okarofor. Anyone Comics also published a book called The Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community 2020-2021. This was a guide book I worked with Heavy Metal editor Joseph Illidge, Comic Beat writer George Carmona and customer Rahsan.

The cover to the Access Guide featuring Good Girl from the comic series Black drawn by Chriscross

The purpose of the Access Guide was to draw attention to the work happening behind the scenes in terms of representation. Although, there are books with Black characters, the question we were asking was which books had Black creators, or Black editors? What were the Black-owned comic shops and conventions today? How are they dealing with the pandemic?

The book was so well received, it prompted us to work on a second volume which will feature Black podcasts and be in full color. The Kickstarter is up now!

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New Cover featuring Stinger from the Wrong Earth! Image by Jamal Igle

Get on it early!

March brought the debut of a new and fun company named Bad Idea. Bad Idea wanted to create a reason for people to visit comic book stores. They picked about 200 stories that they felt would represent their brand well, and offered books that would always be in print and would be limit to one per customer. This was to offset speculation or people buying them to resell.

Bad Idea samples and pages

If you never saw them on the shelf it’s because we were committed to ordering just as much of Issue 4 as we did of Issue 1, so it was subscriber only. If you are interested in checking any out, respond to this email and I will hook you up!

In April, we started getting vaccinated and fewer customers in store (a good problem to have) and we started hosting more events starting with Comicswap and Magic the Gathering.

In May, Free Comic Books Day was rescheduled to August, but we hosted our own with fan favorite local comic creators like Greg Anderson ElyseeChuck KaslowDennis Knight and others.

All culminating to June, where Drink N’ Draw’s John Jennison organized Anyone Comic’s first ever Brooklyn Pride Comic Book Fair

People are gathered around tables of local artists outside of Anyone Comics Photo By Danietl Stalter

This felt like such a reprieve from the stresses that 2020 and 2021 had brought us. It was a great turnout great energy from attendees and tablers.

But things wouldn’t last… Next week I’ll send the July through December year summary! So unsubscribe if you are bored with the narration!

We have a signing with Esoteric from Czarface tomorrow at 1pm for his beautiful graphic novel A Czar is Born!

The cover to Czarface A Czar is Born by Lamour Supreme

We will be demoing Splendor this Sunday at 12:00 pm with our new guy Leo.


We won’t be open this Christmas for once, as I now have a niece to visit, and I cant ask my employees in good conscience to operate the store, but we will have presents to give out Christmas Eve, if you guys need last minute presents, or just want one for yourself! Keep the tradition going

As always feel free to call us at 347-350-8422 or email us info@anyonecomics.com

We miss seeing a lot of you and wish you a happy holiday and safe travels!

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