Dimitri’s Excellent Adventure

I’m taking a 2 week break to visit some relatives and attend my little brother’s wedding.

The store opened up 2 and a half years ago, and I didn’t think I would be away from it this soon. After my brother told me he was getting married in Greece, last January, I panicked and took as many steps as needed to get the store ready for my departure.

I ceded more and more control to the new hirees and in July we achieved an all time high in earnings (the new X-men titles by Jonathan Hikman, House of X, Powers of X, helped by bringing many new people to the store.)

Last weekend at Flamecon reinforced my confidence in everyone. We had such a great time, and connected with so many new fans. A very common reaction was “I live in Crown Heights, I didn’t know there was a store there!” (which says alot about my terrible marketing lol).

Here’s some photos of the show courtesy of Sabrina!

But yesterday cemented that confidence.
I worked on a New Release Wednesday for the first time in months.
While I was catching up on last minute work, feeling guilty about not being attentive to the customers picking up their books, I glanced up from the computer to see how social everyone was. It was remarkable! It’s the kind of feeling your grandma has during Thanksgiving, when all the food is served and she can finally sit down to eat herself.

Some Announcements

  • Comedy is returning to Anyone Comics with Geek Sauce Comedy show this Saturday August 24 at 8pm
  • Also this Saturday August 24 in lieu of a Standard Magic the Gathering tournament we are hosting casual Commander play at 3pm
  • We are hosting Die the game developed by Keiron Gillen that’s a companion to the Image Comics book, this Sunday Aug 25 at 2:30 after Prof Ray’s Art Class
  • We will be CLOSED on Labor Day. Apologies to anyone on the newsletter who’s relying on us for the bathroom access.
  • Click below to get to our website for more info
Find Out About Other Events
Oh, yeah I forgot to mention!
I’ll be back for my birthday on Sept 7th!
As usual, we’ll have a sale for 25% off everything just as long as you pretend you’re my friends on social media photos!
This year we will also have guest creators Alex de Campi and Simon Fraser at 1pm because its Judge Dredd day too!

Sorry the format is bad. Im literally boarding the plane while typing this!See you all in September!

Author: Dimitrios

Dimitrios is the store handler for Anyone Comics. He is the author of Millennials: You Are Special, Greasers in Greece, and Frankenstein vs Dracula: Throughout The Ages. He is the architect of his own destruction.