Over the last few months, we’ve been keeping busy and have been trying to respond to everyone’s questions
We’ve been setting up the online store with a new program called Comichub.
We’ve been mapping out your addresses for a bike route.
We’ve been keeping it together in a world seemingly falling apart.

How is everyone holding up?

Although the Anyone Comics tribe was furloughed so we could adhere to the state Governor’s mandate in March, we’ve been keeping in touch with each other and everyone is doing well. We will be restoring everyone’s schedules in June, albeit with different roles. This is thanks to all of your support in these last few months, simply by picking up your pull list or buying from our website while it was being worked on.

How can I continue buying comics?

Several ways! One is by visiting If you click on shop you will be taken to where you can create a log in and buy whatever we have in stock. You can select the shipping method you prefer, including picking up at the store or having a bike delivery (for Brooklyn residents only, of course.)

You can also call us at (347) 350-8422 on Monday- Friday. We can check what we have in stock for you, give you recommendations and charge you over the phone. Someone will be here over the weekends, but access to the credit card program is limited for security reasons.

Subscribers now have an option to set up a log-in at and manage their upcoming books through there. There is an app in the Play Store, but I think using a browser is the best way to navigate it.
We are also perfectly happy to manage your list through e-mails and phone correspondence. We certainly understand that a direct interaction can be more comfortable for some.

Can I stop by and hang out?

You can not come into the store but you can pick up your books if you paid for them over the phone, online, or are a subscriber with their card on file.
While this is happening we are putting all new releases on the window.

If you happen to see a book you like, ask us, we will charge the card and get you a copy.
Of course, we can hang out outside the store and at a safe distance.

How does the bike delivery work?

Bike deliveries are only happening for now on Wednesdays and is only available to Brooklyn residents. As it grows we will look to add more days.
Bike deliveries can happen upon request, but we need orders to be at least $30 to justify the time and resources being put into it.
You can always check with us to see where your folder is, but when it reaches $30 someone will contact you to let you know we are ready to charge your card and deliver your order.When you get a delivery, the delivery person will also have a few recommended books with them for you to browse through (there will be multiple copies so people won’t be handling the same book) If you choose to take the copy, you will be charged with the last payment method you used, unless you specify otherwise. Let us know as soon as you can if you want to add it to your subscription.

What else is on your website?

Nearly everything you’ve seen in the store. People have been really going for our boardgames, and because most of our customers are millennials and millennials love irony there is one specific board game that’s been our best seller.
It’s not Get The MacGuffin but this is the quickest, fun game I’ve ever played
If you are looking for anything you don’t see let us know! No matter how vague it is!

What’s going on with the basement?

We’re not hosting any events but we are still renting out the offices, so if anyone is interested in having access to a little office to work in reach out to us

What about events?

We have been doing interviews and signings on our instagram live. Drink N Draw has happened over zoom with plans for more.
Drink N Draw also featured a special guest… Wolverine!
If you are looking for RPG’s reach out to us and we will connect you with somebody from the Anyone RPG group!  We also have a customer, Caleb, who is part of a co-op that runs D&D for families, check them out at Tell them Anyone Comics sent you!

If you are looking for Magic the Gathering you have a few options. You can e-mail us so we can connect you with the Wizards of Anyone. If you go on Channel Fireball and type Anyone Comics you give us credit for the online gaming you do there, and you get some bonuses too. You can also screenshot some of your Magic Arena games and we’re able to give you digital sleeves for your cards and other nifty things.

You can also still buy boxes and prerelease packs with us that come with a TON of extra bonuses compared to previous sets!

How else can I support the store?

We have never been ones to shy away from asking for help, so trust us: if the store needs a Gofundme, we will post it.
You can help the store by buying stuff, of course. The store really just needs to fulfill that function. It doesn’t need a bailout, or a large sum, it just needs the flow of what’s been coming in to be maintained. That has, of course, been compromised from customers’ financial situations changing, to cancelled and withheld products.
But really, if there’s things you want… get them from us!
And if you can’t find it, ask us! And if you think you are overpaying by paying retail, think of it as paying Amazon prices plus donating to your favorite community center!
Promoting the store always helps. You have links to our social media handles below.
We’re open to other ideas and suggestions.But honestly the most important thing you need to do is take care of yourselves, because you are a member of a community, and we need our community more than anything else!

Author: Dimitrios

Dimitrios is the store handler for Anyone Comics. He is the author of Millennials: You Are Special, Greasers in Greece, and Frankenstein vs Dracula: Throughout The Ages. He is the architect of his own destruction.